Hi 你终于来了




Lesson 000 导学课

Lesson 001-2 Excuse me!

Lesson 003-4 Sorry, sir

Lesson 005-6 Nice to meet you

Lesson 007-8 Are you a teacher?

Lesson 009-10 How are you today?

Lesson 011-12 Is this your shirt?

Lesson 013-14 A new dress

Lesson 015-16 Your passports, please

Lesson 017-18 How do you do?

Lesson 019-20 Tired and thirsty

Lesson 021-22 Which book?

Lesson 023-24 Which glasses?

Lesson 025-26 Mrs. Smith’s kitchen

Lesson 027-28 Mrs.Smith’s living room

Lesson 029-30 Come in, Amy

Lesson 031-32 Where’s Sally?

Lesson 033-34 A fine day

Lesson 035-36 Our village

Lesson 037-38 Making a bookcase

Lesson 039-40 Don’t drop it!

Lesson 041-42 Penny’s bag

Lesson 043-44 Hurry up!

Lesson 045-46 The boss’s letter

Lesson 047-48 A cup of coffee

Lesson 049-50 At the butcher’s

Lesson 051-52 A pleasant climate

Lesson 053-54 An interesting climate

Lesson 055-56 The Sawyer family

Lesson 057-58 An unusual day

Lesson 059-60 Is that all?

Lesson 061-62 A bad cold

Lesson 063-64 Thank you, doctor

Lesson 065-66 Not a baby

Lesson 067-68 The weekend

Lesson 069-70 The car race

Lesson 071-72 He’s awful!

Lesson 073-74 The way to King Street

Lesson 075-76 Uncomfortable shoes

Lesson 077-78 Terrible toothache

Lesson 079-80 Carol’s shopping list

Lesson 081-82 Roast beef and potatoes

Lesson 083-84 Going on holiday

Lesson 085-86 Paris in the spring

Lesson 087-88 A car crash

Lesson 089-90 For sale

Lesson 091-92 Poor Ian!

Lesson 093-94 Our new neighbour

Lesson 095-96 Tickets, please

Lesson 097-98 A small blue case

Lesson 099-100 Ow!

Lesson 101-102 A card from Jimmy

Lesson 103-104 The French test

Lesson 105-106 Full of mistakes

Lesson 107-108 It’s too small

Lesson 109-110 A good idea

Lesson 111-112 The most expensive model

Lesson 113-114 Small change

Lesson 115-116 Knock, knock!

Lesson 117-118 Tommy’s breakfast

Lesson 119-120 A true story

Lesson 121-122 The man in a hat

Lesson 123-124 A trip to Australia

Lesson 125-126 Tea for two

Lesson 127-128 A famous actress

Lesson 129-130 Seventy miles an hour

Lesson 131-132 Don’t be so sure!

Lesson 133-134 Sensational news!

Lesson 135-136 The latest report

Lesson 137-138 A pleasant dream

Lesson 139-140 Is that you, John?

Lesson 141-142 Sally’s first train ride

Lesson 143-144 A walk through the woods

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